Intentional Prayer

Father in the name of Jesus. Lord I thank you for another day. Thank you for protecting us through the evening hours and over the weekend.

Lord help us to recall the words you spoke to our hearts during church services throughout the world. Let your word abide in our hearts so we remember that when we sin it affects not only our lives, but those around us who know us through our confessions of representing you. Our words, actions and attitudes will either make people desire to establish a relationship with you, or push away from you.

  • Restore our passion to know you.
  • Restore our passion to love you with our whole heart.
  • Restore our passion to serve you.
  • Restore our passion to love others unconditionally.
  • Restore our passion to consider all.
  • Restore our passion to draw people to you. Restore our passion to fight and not give up.

Restore our passion to just do GOOD!

We recognize that passion drives our purpose. If our passion is gone, our conversation with others is not about you. It’s about what we want, how we feel, what we do not have, our lacks, dislikes and misfortunes.

Lord, I ask that you allow our week to be filled with passion, drive and completion. Give us knowledge to resolve work-related issues. Teach us to be more structured and not slothful in business but sincere in everything that we do. If there is anything that is within our hearts, that is not like you, Lord please remove it far away from us.

Please do not take your Spirit away from us. Give us the knowledge to help our children with their homework, how to succeed in life and to give their best, even when they see us not giving our best. We recognize that our children only reflect what they see. If they see us always depressed, complaining and uncertain – they will mimic that behavior.

We ask that you bind any attack of the enemy that comes in the form of teachers, bus drivers, children, siblings, principles, administrators, custodians, teacher’s aides, volunteers and whoever, the enemy uses to prevent our children from having the freedom to learn in peace, while in school. Open their understanding. Remove any distractions! You placed greatness in them. Allow us as their parents, guardians and confidants to assist them with recognizing their potential and to live on purpose in their potential. I will be intentional in my prayer so that you may be intentional in answering.

I humbly ask that you accept this prayer, in Jesus name, amen.

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