ACT Now!

I cannot change the fact that:

  • My forehead is so flat that it appears as if one little knot sits on each side, just above my forehead.
  • My calves are tiny.
  • My foot size is small.
  • There are moles on my neck and face, (of which I attempted a removal procedure only for them to return in the EXACT same place).
  • All of my children were delivered through C-sections.
  • My parents are who they are.
  • My children are who they are.
  • I was born into the Malone and Moore family.
  • That the color of my eyes and hair are dark brown.

NEWSFLASH!!!! You cannot change directions unless you realize that you are going in the wrong direction. Oftentimes we become so consumed and distracted with things that we simply cannot change. Can I be honest? The things we feel are unchangeable could very well be changed if we change our approach and our focus. If we focus on what we CAN change, learn to place (what appears to be) the unchangeable things in the hands of an unchangeable Father (by placing a prayer and a praise in the atmosphere) who can change the impossible, we learn to de-clutter our mind and focus on what is important in our lives. You control what you allow to affect you as an individual.

Focus on what you CAN change.
My forehead may be flat, but baeee baee thank God for hair that grows and the needle, thread, and hair that is used through the gifts of the hair stylists, just in case I ever run into a drought in hair growth. My calves may be tiny, but they work for my frame – ESPECIALLY, since I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the eyes of my Father. Thank God for my small feet, huntay – the clearance rack is filled with my sizes – gloray!! You must see value in YOU and the experiences you have had in life!

Change your perspective and outlook. Stop consuming your mind with others and what they are doing. Sometimes, you just have to extend the grace card and that shouldn’t be too challenging if you have the mind and character of Jesus. After all, you were given that extension.


If you can’t say something positive, sincerely pray for them. Changing your focus allows you to FREE yourself to be used by God.

  • Changing your focus allows you to be more mindful of the problem solver and not the problem creator.
  • Changing your focus allows you to re-evaluate life and observing things as they really.
  • Changing your focus allows you to be more like creators and less like victims.

At some point, we are no longer a product of our environment, but a creator of our life. You are free to choose who you are. Will you be powerful or powerless? Will you have faith or doubt? Will you believe you can do all things through Christ or will you set limitations on yourself?

Where are your current choices and actions taking you? You cannot become what you want by being who you are now! If you do not step forward, you’ll always stand in the same place. ACT Now!: Action Changes Things



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