It Begins At Home

Good morning. Before we can go out into the world to compel others. Before we can tell any mountain to move. Before we can break down walls and barriers setup by the enemy himself.  Before we can impact anyone’s life. Before we can make the decision to be led by the Lord through our actions, we must begin at home. It all starts with some time set aside to commune and speak with our Father. With that, let us pray. 

Oh My Father in Heaven. We come to say thank you on this morning. We thank you for who you are and not for what you do. For we know, having had earthly parents, their responsible for providing for us as children and taking care of us. Therefore, asking you to take care of the things we need to make it in this world, is needless unless…we have allowed ourselves to become that disobedient child who is uncertain that their parent will assist. 

On today, allow us to remain focused on you. Allow us to recognize the plans and schemes of the enemy as they unfold and to combat them before they are implemented. Help us to recall your word, your requirements of us and how we should represent you BEFORE we take action. In other words, with the aid of your Spirit leading and guiding us, we have the ability to be proactive and not reactive. 

Touch the minds of our youth and our children. Allow us to deliver the word – your word, to them so that it is clearly evident that you are for them and that you can relate to what they are dealing with in life. The enemy is trying hard to destroy them- taking over their minds. Insomuch, that they feel as if life is hopeless and worthless. They are depressed, suicidal, hurt, and angry. Some of them have never had a proper introduction to you and therefore do not know what it means to draw strength and love from you. We give ourselves away for us to make a love connection between you and our babies. 

We also ask that you keep the minds of the teachers, bus drivers, administrators, principles, custodians, and aides to have the mental capacity to deny themselves and their issues while being able to plant seeds of empowerment, knowledge and growth into the children. 

We love you without constraints and restrictions. We thank you for allowing us to enter into your presence to worship and commune with you. We thank you for loving us enough to reconnect and re-establish a relationship with us. When we were deliberate in rejecting you, you were deliberate in giving us grace and mercy. When we were deliberate in rejecting your authority, you were deliberate in demonstrating your power. When we were deliberate in embracing your enemy, you were deliberate in pulling us out of the fire. When we were deliberate in throwing it all away, you were deliberate in giving it all back to us. We won’t take this opportunity for granted. 

I humbly ask that you accept this prayer. In Jesus name, amen. 

I love you Jesus! And I awake my soul to purpose- your purpose!

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