On Purpose

In late March, I attended some events with my husband in support of marketing and networking during the Gospel Music Stellar Awards festivities. The events were held in Las Vegas.

On that Friday evening, we were going to head out. He was going to hang with some guys he knew that came down during the week and I was going to connect with some people I had met. However, I developed a migraine and he was fighting a bad cold. So, we decided to go take meds and get in bed. Not to mention, there was an early morning event my husband received an invite to attend, of which he was not sure if he was going because he didn’t feel good, was out late the night before and only had 1 ticket. The 1 ticket was not an issue for me. Pshhh, I was going. We are one. I’m just saying. 1 plus 1 in my marriage equals 1 😂

We got up, Marlon decides to go. While getting ready, I see I missed an early morning text. Someone asked if we were okay. That seemed odd. I respond with yeah, we are feeling horrible but thank God…blah blah blah- all the fluffy jargon. The person goes on to say oh okay no, I’m texting about me seeing that there was a robbery in our hotel last night.

Some men with tuxedos and pig masks robbed one of the stores. We had NO idea. We were sound asleep, God covered us. Imagine if we had gone out though? Right in the midst of the time it occurred, it is likely we would’ve been headed back in to the hotel.

See, when things happen and don’t go as planned, they really are planned. I was frustrated that I had a migraine because I was not even tired or stressed, which are usually my trigger points. But oh God- it was all for my good.

My mind began to race. She thinketh now. She’s talking to Jesus on the inside (I’m referring to myself) and I begin to magnify His name. “I shole thank you for covering us, Sir!”

So, we head over to this early morning event- sluggish from the NyQuil, taking DayQuil (by this time I wake up with my hubby’s cold symptoms) 😱

We go past this double decker bus and this “start” sign was posted. Marlon (my husband) says: “I wonder what they doing and why there are all so many police?” Here I go – my self gone say…”hmph looks like they setting up for a run or marathon on the strip. That’s cool.”

I told you we had NyQuil. I was whoozy. Smh. After the event, we get in a cab, go to the hotel to get more meds and sleep, so we can return home later that evening on the plane. The Cab driver says: “Something is going on, down this side of the strip. They have it blocked. Someone was shooting and they believe he is in your hotel or the one next?’

Now! I’m ready to go! Now, I’m praying and talking within myself again to the Lord. See I talk to Jesus, just like I’m on the phone speaking with someone and having a conversation- He and I converse. I need to make sure I remain on His page and I do not turn the page unless He says it’s good to. So I’m like…”okay, Jesus – sooo I thought we were good on the testimony part? Ummm- so, I wasn’t really seeking for another testimony. I know I struggle in some areas, and…I know you are a protector. You’ve been that for me for years! I got testimony on testimony. Every time we go some where, we come back home with a story???”

We get up out of Vegas. Turns out the double decker bus we went past so casually, was an active scene and the shooter was on the bus and had already shot someone 😳

Sunday morning, I’m thanking God for keeping us and bringing us back home – still thinking like – really? Why do we always come home with a story? I was excited to get to service. I was feeling horrible in my body, but I needed to let God know that I do not take His mercy, love, grace and protection for granted.

So, I’m in the bathroom still pondering the events that just took place the night before. I repeated again: “Why do we always have to have these experiences?”

I heard the Spirit say: “The testimony is a reminder for you of who I am and it’s proof to them who don’t yet believe.”


He said: It’s a reminder for YOU and proof for THEM.

Then He gave me the scripture:

Psalms 27:5-6 For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion; In the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me; He shall set me high upon a rock. And now my head shall be lifted up above my enemies all around me; Therefore I will offer sacrifices of joy in His tabernacle; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the Lord

I was done and immediately went into a praise.

As you continue your Monday, let me encourage you to trust the process. Nothing happens by chance. It is all on purpose.

6 thoughts on “On Purpose

  1. Thanks for the reminder. There is always a reason behind those of us who are saved and go through some type of trail or suffering.

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