Tell the Flesh to Shut Up!!!

Yes you’re eyes are correct. You are receiving a devotion on Tuesday instead of Monday. If you only understood the last 48 hours- from Sunday night-Monday night? Honey, this devotion would be long. Let’s just say two of my kids were at urgent care late Sunday afternoon and tested positive for Strepp. 24 hours later, one of the two who tested positive contracted pink -eye in both eyes. But that is not even the issue.

I guess the enemy wanted to tempt me on Monday. Here it is, I’m telling folks to tell their flesh to shut up and sit down with my new book, and he wanted to know if I was talking to my own flesh.

Bae baeee. I talked to my flesh, quoted scripture, and had folks praying. ALL OF IT!
Here’s the scenario.

My 11 year old, Asia comes home from school. We are discussing with the children how their day was. Listen. Always talk to your children. Keep an open dialogue. They should be comfortable expressing themselves to you. If you do not make them comfortable, the person that is pressuring them into doing the wrong thing will.

Asia shares with me an incident that happened on Monday, with her Social Studies teacher.

This is how Asia describes the incident. The class was working on something or another. Asia was looking for something (pen, paper, object) and could not find what she was looking for. She says: “Jesus Christ”, an expression she used to explain her frustration.

The teacher proceeds to ask: “Who made that inappropriate comment?” Asia tells me: “Mom, I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t an inappropriate comment to me.” No you did not honey- you right. Can I say I was so proud how she handled that moment right there? Jesus CHRIST is not inappropriate.

The teacher asks again, but differently this time: “Who said Jesus and then THAT word?” Asia says I did. The teacher thanks her for speaking up and being honest; but then proceeds to tell Asia:

“You can say that name in your prayers or somewhere else, but don’t ever say that in my classroom.”

In all the years we have been affiliated with this school, we have had minimal incidents and I contribute that to the parent/administration relationship. But this situation, to me- was a threat to my child.


1. If Asia by chance, uses Jesus or says OMG again in her class, since she told Asia not to again, what is she going to do or say to my child? Because, you see, I can help the instructor with her frustrations. She can talk to me face to face and not to my 11 year old child. This just my flesh right here talking.

2. It is not the instructors responsibility to impose her beliefs or will on children. Her job is to teach. She did this openly which then led the other children to ask my child if she was okay and which Asia was. Her response to them was that maybe she’s an atheist. YEAH ASIA!! I’m sorry – I had a moment again.

3. My daughter should not be made to feel that she has to guard everything she says or that she will be singled out. I would consider an inappropriate word to be a sware word. Maybe Sh@@ or da@@; but maybe that is just my upbringing.

4. I could see If Asia was having a side bar discuss about religion or not listening to the instructor and again I am only hearing one side of the story but we teach our children to walk with integrity and if they are any thing other than, it is not acceptable behavior. Just because this is our requirement does not mean they are the best students. This does not mean they do not have to be told to stop talking in classes and to pay attention. We also teach them about having conversations that would be offensive because we live in a world where people have varying beliefs. So I am inclined to believe Asia.

To say that I am frustrated is beyond words and I’m uncertain, with this being the end of the year, how or even if this will be handled or addressed, according to school ordinances. And I will be having a conversation tomorrow with SOMEONE.
I have engaged the principal and I need to see this teacher look me in the face and tell me how she justifies her actions. Because her reply had nothing to do with the subject of social studies and therefore I FEEL her actions and her verbiage were inappropriate. I felt like Peter- chopping off an ear. You coming for My Savior and my child?

So, I called on the Lord and I recalled His word to my mind and I had to remember that I still need to make Jesus irresistible in this situation. The Spirit is so amazing. The word of the Lord came to me like this:

“that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue declare that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Philippians‬ ‭2:10-11‬ ‭NLT‬‬

While this teacher does not confess Jesus, she will. She gone learn about inappropriate behavior. There will come a time when she will need to call on that name. In the meantime, I’m going to introduce her to Mrs. Lock, THE Christ Representer.

Stay tuned to Wednesday’s devotion to see how this all works out- for our good. 😉

10 thoughts on “Tell the Flesh to Shut Up!!!

  1. Thank you Jesus. All week my flesh have been trying me! But god!and his word. Cause me not -too-react! Thanks sis !!

  2. It takes a lot to not act out, especially when it comes to your children. Whenever you think of how Jesus would respond, then your actions become less erratic. You handle it well first lady. Flesh shut up, and sat down somewhere!!! Lol

  3. This happen to use. A teacher call me to say that my child walk out her class and she has know idea of where she is. I was like my child sequanna and she said yes. So I left work to go to the school and before I could get in the building I had four teachers tell me it’s not true. So I went to her class to see what the problem was and she could not look me in the face. So me being me I keep said. Lord lord lord help me. This has help me to say lord help my faith.

  4. Good Morning Kim,
    I so agree with you, especially when it comes to our children. You handled the situation very well!!

    The lips of the righteous nourish many, but fools die for lack of judgment.
    —Proverbs 10:21

    Holy and wise God, please give me wisdom and self-control to keep my mouth shut unless what I say can benefit those to whom I’m speaking. Help my words be helpful and true. In Jesus’ name I pray.



  6. love the way your spiritual self took control of the carnal self and made it behave and have several seats! #JCRepresenterONdeck

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