The Book

It is the only book that has stood the test of time.
It is the only book that has been referred to the most by other books.
It is the only book that has never gone out of circulation.
It is the only book that has foretold all that has happened, all that is currently happening, and all that is to come.

It is the ONLY book that strengthens faith.
It is the ONLY book that gives sustainable hope.
It is the ONLY book that allows us to know our Father better.
It is the ONLY book that allows us to know and learn who we truly are and our purpose.

The Bible, our road map to navigate through life, has been the focal point of many discussions to refute the existence of God. The Bible does not seek to prove the existence of God, but rather the demonstration of His love. Regardless of the arguments, rebuttal and negative opinions, God is still the same, it does not change and the things mentioned come to pass.

Always remember this: Anything that has purpose MUST go through a test. Your test is designed to bring you to your purpose. Suffering, ridicule, judgmental attitudes, and personal attacks NEVER feel good. Even a diamond goes through a process, before it is determined to be valuable. When a diamond is found, it is rough and undefined. Diamond cutting is the practice of changing a diamond from a rough stone into a beautiful jewel. However, not just anyone can cut a diamond – and due to the difficulty, diamond cutting requires specialized knowledge, tools, equipment and techniques. I’m going somewhere.

Everything is coming together to develop you and wean you from the spiritual bottle and prepare you for adulthood. When the Lord found you, you were hopeless and drained from life. You felt there was no reason to live. Due to the hurt you had experienced by way of yourself and others, not just anyone could tell you anything. You have been sold a dream so many times, that you have felt no one and nothing was real. It took someone with the love and compassion of Jesus to get your attention. He has all the special equipment to change your life and make you shine bright like a diamond.

He is omnipotent.
He is omniscient.
He is Sovereign.

All the specialized tools, equipment and techniques are outlined in The Book– the Bible. It is the only book that provides us with God-centered visions rather than a self-centered direction and yet…it is the ONLY book that we do not refer to or we open sparingly.

Psalm 147:3 (NKJV)
He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds

The Book!


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