There is No Excuse 

Today, I have no ah-ha moments, concepts, or ideas; no defined words, or breakdown of scriptures. I just have thoughts:

  1. What will it take for you to really live for the Lord?
  2. Why is it that He has to “do” something for you, take something (or someone) away from you, or allow the enemy to test you, for you to adhere to His word?
  3. Why is it that after He moves on your behalf, you develop amnesia and return back to the source of your pain?
  4. To receive a full paycheck, you have to earn it by working a full work week. How come you feel it should be good enough to give the Lord part of you and still receive His full benefits? 
  5. How is it that you KNOW the doors opened for you are from the Lord and you openly express this, but yet your heart is so far away from Him? 
  6. How is it that seeking Him is not a priority but when you felt as if you were going to lose your mind from your own inward battles and demons, you stayed on your knees and in your word? Now that the storm has eased up a bit, you’re back associated with the same people, or types of people, who initially separated you from the love of God. 

How can you be content with an inconsistent life?

The Lord sought and fought for you and believe it or not, even with you ignoring Him, He is still chasing after you- pleading with you to turn from your ways. How you may ask? I shouldn’t have to name them but with all the increases in crime,  loss of jobs we see around the world, rumors of wars, terrorist attacks, children being shot, kids stealing cars, and God STILL covering you?

Just don’t wait too long. Just as you get tired of being used (and He did say He made us like Him, in His image) I’m sure He gets tired of being used, bad-mouthed, and  neglected as well. 

“You neglected the Rock who had fathered you; you forgot the God who had given you birth. “The LORD saw this and drew back, provoked to anger by his own sons and daughters. He said, ‘I will abandon them; then see what becomes of them. For they are a twisted generation, children without integrity.” Deuteronomy‬ ‭32:18-20‬ ‭NLT‬‬

You had trials and issues before you came to the Lord, but your eyes were blinded to them. When your eyes became opened, your spiritual being became aware of the trials and who you are fighting. Why would your enemy need to fight against you if you’re on the same team? When you changed teams, the enemy became more belligerent and angry, magnifying your troubles so they would seem that much worse.
So…what’s it going to take for you to consistently serve the Lord? There’s a song my granny would play on her record player. I don’t recall who sang it but some of the words are. OH WAIT! I remember. The song was by Prince Dixon: “There is No Excuse”. 
“There is no excuse, there is no excuse, there is no excuse! There is no excuse for not serving the Lord.”

There is no excuse, but it is going to take everything you got. 

5 thoughts on “There is No Excuse 

  1. Amen! Yes Lady Kim it takes everything. It takes our whole heart, body, and mine to be in tune with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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