The Sound of Desperation 

Have you ever felt desperate? Before I ask that question, let me be clear that we all understand what being desperate means.

A person that is desperate feels hopeless. A desperate person will do something out of the norm or extreme to escape the situation they are in.

I recall a movie entitled: “John Q.” The dad (played by Denzel Washington) resorts to desperate measures in an effort to save his son’s life, who needed a organ transplant. Insurance would not cover the costs and government aid was denied. John Q, decides to hold a hospital hostage.

Now that is what I call desperate. John (Denzel) was willing to sacrifice all that he had- even if that meant losing his life, so that his 9 year-old son would receive the attention he needed to live.

Hmmm…that reminds me of a couple of people, who have shared their life stories as an example for others.

A man by the name of Jesus, Son to the indescribable Father, who calls me His daughter. Oh and by the way, my Father happens to be God. Come on in the room! Does anyone else feel the way I do? Jesus was willing to sacrifice everything – even with it meaning losing His life, to save mine (you better make it personal).

Then I read about a man. He is referred to as “blind Bartimaeus.” The Bible says in Mark the 10th chapter, that Mr. Bartimaeus sat by the side of the highway begging. He heard that Jesus was passing by. He began to cry out for Jesus to have mercy on Him. The folks around Him told Bartimaeus to be quiet. Oh God, but the closer Jesus came the louder Bartimaeus cried.

Bartimaeus had a desperate cry for help. I imagine that he could careless who was shhhh’ing Him. It could’ve been Caesar himself; Bartimaeus was going to continue to try to get the attention of Jesus.

His faith caught the attention of Jesus, who called Bartimaeus over. The interesting thing is that Bartimaeus was direct and clear. He wasn’t like the rich ruler who began to tell Jesus how he kept commandments from his youth to adulthood. Bartimaeus asked for His sight and He believed Jesus could restore it.

  • What are you desperate for?
  • What is your soul crying for?
  • Is it for your pleasure or to bring God glory?

After Jesus granted Bartimaeus’ request, He followed Jesus. The very fact that Jesus is willing to fulfill our heart’s desire should be enough to separate from anything that defames His name and follow Him.

What you are desperate for is portrayed through the life that you live before others and behind closed doors.

Bartimaeus cries for help got Jesus’ attention. Whose attention are you desperately seeking?

 Bartimaeus proved that there is nothing we need more desperately than Jesus.

“Then Jesus said to him, “Go your way; your faith has made you well.” And immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus on the road.” Mark‬ ‭10:52‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

6 thoughts on “The Sound of Desperation 

  1. I’m desperate to be a better me and to have a closer walk with my Father ❤ Making investments in myself…I realize if I continue to do what I have always done and stay comfortable, I will always get what I have always got…. SCREAMING… Lord, I NEED MORE…Totally investing in myself to be a better me❤

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