Good morning. It is Monday but that is alright. I am excited. Can I share with you my excitement?

When I was in college, I met a young man on my job. Wait. A. Minute!

As I’m writing, now I think this was a setup, by the enemy! I didn’t have to work to get through college. I received an academic scholarship for my entire education plus additional grants. Now I am frustrated. 😡 ok- I digressed, back to the point. I met a young man while working as a customer service rep. He was no good for me but I could not see that.

He was a salesman and he was good at selling. He sold me naivety and I almost went bankrupt on my future investing in his mess. Ugh! I was so naive and gullible. Prior to engaging in this crap, I had ended a relationship that was a mess.

I share all of my messes in my first book: Who You Callin’ Silly? How a Silly Woman Becomes Virtuous.

I didn’t have much exposure to young men. I had “boyfriends” but they were mere cat and mouse games. I pretended but honey I could not stand the thought of the fullness of intimacy (I’m being g-rated here); but you have to understand my upbringing. I grew up in church. As I entered middle school and high school, I strayed away and explored the world (at least I thought); I knew I did not fit in. My mom, still married to my dad, but separated when I was 4 years old (and remained separated) instilled in me the importance of being confident, having an education, and providing for myself – beyond chasing a boy. She always said that there would be time for that. So I gravitated towards sports, music and education. I graduated high school at age 16. When I started the university I attended, I was 17. Now I’m staring at the faces of these young ladies who look as if they can show me all the tricks of the trade, but I was still pretending.

Ok- I digressed again. My mom could see right through this dude’s plans. All the lies. I was on a mission to prove her wrong about him. I had one more year remaining in college and I just knew that a total eclipse was going to occur: all the stars, moon, and sun were aligning and I would be planning a wedding and a graduation. My mom and I even got into a heated discussion and I had the audacity to throw in her face her choice of men- and I lived to tell the story. 😳😱 wheeww! By this time, I was 19. My mom allowed me to go through the experience, but she remained in hot pursuit. This ship (I refuse to call relational) lasted for 3 years. She would not allow me to unravel. She pursued and she persevered for my well being. Of course, she was right. It was one of the worse experiences I had gone through but it was necessary.

Persevere means to continue in pursuit of someone or something, even when it is difficult. God demonstrated the epitome of perseverance and continues to do so.

“being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;”‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1:6‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

God completes what He begins. He started the good work in you when he made you to be like him. Just like me, you strayed away, but God remained in hot pursuit through Jesus. He covered you. He protected you during your times of worldly exploration. He loved you when you were reckless with life and He has determined, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that He is going to finish what He started.

Whewww! Talk about the greatest implementation plan??? The most prolific strategist of all times is your Father.

If we desire to live godly lives in Christ, it is a fact that we will suffer persecution (2 Timothy 3:12), but the faithful will persevere, kept by the power of the Holy Spirit who is the guarantee of our salvation. He will complete what He started in and through YOU!

7 thoughts on “Perseverance 

  1. Hey girl !!!youre so right lady. God’s. Plan will be done god won’t and can’t give up. His plans will be done!!! I thought I couldn’t make it when my heart was broken but thanks be to god. Im still. Here he’s. Stretching. Me for his plans

  2. Whewwww. I usually wait to read, and always keep my comments to myself, because of my iwn inner issues of feeling “unqualified”… However, this is WHAT keeps me. This Scripture is sooooo dear to me. Thank you Lord, as well as 1st, for giving us what we need; especially when most need it!!😘

  3. Amen wow that was powerful and much needed that is so true I believe it is a receive it sis your devotions be really helping me thank you sis for sharing God word with us ❤️U

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