Woman 2 Woman

Although track is awarded as an individual sport, the runner still uses a push from the other runners to reach the common goal. The common goal is to finish the race; but the ultimate goal is finish in first place.


Distance runners use the pace pushers to preserve stamina so they have a “kick” left to endure to the end.


Although our journey through life is an individual walk, we need each other to push us into our purpose. We cannot do life alone. We need each other. No successful business can claim success through a Lone Ranger. In fact, the Lone Ranger had Tonto to ride with him.

Here is a transparent moment, or what I like to coin: “Woman 2 Woman.”

Growing up, I desired to have friends. I called everyone “my friend.” I see this in my youngest daughter. Anyone that is in her class is “her friend.”


As I became older, I began the filtering process of what it means for me to be a friend to someone and for someone to call me their friend. Cliques and groups form based on the clothing you wear, the boys you like, and if you’re popular or no. I saw this to be the case in middle school. By the time we reach high school (at least I did), you have a better sense of what personality types you connect with. I personally, began socializing more with boys. I always cited: “Girls are messy and moody; I get along better with guys.”

If you did not say something similar, you knew someone who said the same thing. What happens is that we carry this on through adulthood, we isolate ourselves from who we need, which is one another. Truth be told, when a group of men or group of women, who share a common bond, goal or interest come together, they become empowered, strong, confident and purposeful.


This is one of the primary reasons why I am hosting a women’s conference (more info can be found at: http://www.kimberlylock.org/w2w-2018)


In Christ, we need one another. Encourage one when the other feels alone. Keep one another accountable when the other begins making decisions that are contrary to the word of God. Pray for one another when the other feels disconnected.

A true sister or brother demonstrates concern and does not desire to see their siblings fail- regardless of how many times they have argued, disagreed, or fought.

There’s a great need in the world for more genuine, unselfish affection, compassion, and concern for others. This walk with God is a brotherhood and sisterhood that transcends blood relations, race, age, or nationality. We are the offspring of the Creator. We share a divine parent with our brother, Jesus Christ. Oh God. When one succeeds, we all succeed, because we are upholding our Father’s legacy- HIS Kingdom.

Let us come together to represent our Father well, so that He may be proud to call us His children.

“Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God. Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you, corrupting many.” Hebrews ‭12:15‬ ‭NLT‬

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