Great Expectations

Have you ever been let down by someone who promised to fulfill a request of yours? You just needed a foot in the door. They had the connection you needed. What you needed was not as important to them as it was you.

Maybe the completion of your job is contingent upon someone else completing their tasks and they did not come through which pushed the project schedule past the due date; however, the appearance of it looks as if you did not do what YOU needed to do.

Maybe you interviewed for a job and the feedback during the interview went SO well, that you were expecting to receive a call back with the next steps to confirm your start date.

  • Maybe you’re waiting for that man to propose to you.
  • Maybe you’re waiting to get the attention of that person…
  • Maybe you’re waiting for the doctor’s prognosis to change…
  • Maybe you were expecting the business you worked for to operate in integrity as you do 👀

Maybe…just maybe, you are expecting something from someone who can not do anything for your situation.

Bae baeeee you may have too much confidence in flesh (people). You better learn how to talk to yourself- yes YOU- talk to you.

Please talk to yourself- not yourself but to the CORE of who you are. Your soul better tell you fleshly self to shut up and sit down and where your expectation comes from.

“My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.” Psalms 62:5 KJV

My soul…My soul…MY soul! You better wait on God. My expectation is from my Father.


  • I anticipate hearing from Him what my next move should be.
  • I anticipate Him touching the heart of that person to connect with me to do My Father’s will so He can get the glory out of my life, my job, my children, my marriage.
  • I contemplate hearing from my Father the specific instructions that will keep me on that path of my purpose- the reason why I even exist.

Listennnn! Stop placing your expectations in people. God is our rock. God is our strength. God is my refuge. God is my defense and I have GREAT expectations of Him as He does of me, as His child.


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