Arise, Shine!

Isaiah 60:1  (NIV)
“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you!

It is Monday and most times, we would prefer to delay the rise and rest instead.

The scripture above is so powerful and I wanted to share it with you on today. Class is in session for a few moments.

First, the text does not say arise AND shine. The word “and” is a conjunction word. It is used to join words together. A comma is a punctuation mark and it separates words in a sentence.

A comma means you need to pause.

The word AND brings things together.

The definition of the word arise means to begin to exist; to begin at a source and shine means to give off light.

The use of the comma here is powerful, because sometimes we arise, but we do not shine. Sometimes we get up, but the oil is not flowing.

Let me make this clear. We give our lives to the Lord and then we just begin to exist. We lose our focus and our passion because of one not so good conversation, event, or experience. We lose our commitment to live a sacrificial life, well-pleasing to God that is holy and acceptable. Church is just church. Our light has somehow been dimmed. We have managed to allow the circumstances we face to dictate our praise, admiration, and faith.

Please do not forget who and where your source lies. God IS the source!

  • What are you arising to do?
  • What source will you begin at?
  • What source begins your day? Does prayer begin your day?
  • Do you begin your day with a heart of thanksgiving?
  • Do you worship the Lord in all His beauty and holiness?

Whose light are you giving off?

It’s time to arise.

The words Arise and Shine indicate a change from one position, to another. The good news is the change is good. Using them together suggests that there is an improved position. How do I know? Verse 2 in the same chapter says: For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you.

Verse 1 is not given as a suggestion. It’s not a thought, it is not advice or an opinion. Arise, shine is a command. It is a command which implies that it can be done. Your light is important.

Arise, shine!

  • Lives can be transformed
  • Sinners can become saints
  • The downcast can be uplifted
  • Failure turns to success
  • Weeping turns to joy
  • Rich become humble
  • Sick can be healed
  • Abnormal situations can become customary

Arise, shine!

  • Your children need to see and know who you belie and trust.
  • Your family need to see your light.
  • Your neighborhood needs to know that the angel of the Lord covers your block, because the glory of the Lord shines round about you!

Arise, shine. God’s glory rests upon His children.

Shining is not an option here. If you arise, you have to shine. Get off the pause button (the comma) and shine your light!

Stay lit!

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