It All Belongs to You

It’s Monday. Most Mondays for me are blah blah blah.


In reality, that attitude can carry over throughout the entire day or even the week. I do however realize that the correct mindset can change the course of your entire week. This past weekend was filled with unexpected twists. I was battled a stomach virus and boy did me and my body battle; but on today- I woke up with a Spirit of adoration and gratitude to my Father and I wanted to share with you. Join me as we start the week off with expectancy and worship.

Father, we thank you for allowing us to see another day and for continuously having our best interest at heart. Jesus. Your name alone sends me to my knees. My heart races. My stomach churns with butterflies. Your presence is undeniable. Anyone who has felt an ounce of your Spirit would only desire to want more of you. There is no greater feeling than to feel you near me. Give me you. Everything else can wait. If I have you, I have everything that I need.

Father, You know how we are. We mess up. We cry like the babies that we are. We do wrong, expecting no repercussions for our actions. We don’t own up to our mistakes and become self-righteous, or even angry towards you because a particular prayer had not been answered. If we just pause for a moment, and take inventory, we can see that we were and are the reason for the delay. You are just. You are righteous. You operate with integrity. You have wronged no one.

I desire to allow my life to be a living sacrifice for you because without you, I have no life.

  • It is your breath in my lungs, which explains why it is so natural to pour out praise to you.
  • It is your breath that made me a living soul, which why it is so easy to life up my hands.
  • It is your word that spoke to my heart, which explains why your word is so precious to me.

You redeem. You restore. You love.

  • Worship is not the slow songs that the choir or praise and worship team sings.
  • Worship is not the amount of money we place in the offering basket.
  • Worship is not how much time we sacrifice and volunteer to the many church events and auxiliaries. While we understand that these may be expressions of worship, they do not define what true worship really is.

Oh My Father. It is evident to me what worship truly is. True worship is defined by the priority we place on who You are in our lives and where You are on our list of priorities.

True worship is expressed through a lifestyle of holiness. And so Jesus, I decided, to make worship a non-negotiable priority in my life, because you did not make any negotiations on the cross, for my ratchetness. I love you today and always. Forgive me if I have ever stood before you as ungrateful, self-righteous, and worthy. The only thing I was worthy of was death and you took my place instead. 

Finally, as we move throughout the course of this week. I ask that you allow the word to help us see ourselves. Help us to understand that we cannot pray with love, live in hate, but somehow believe we are truly worshipping in the Spirit. 

Lord I ask that the words from my mouth and the mediation in my heart are acceptable in your sight and I humbly ask that you accept this moment of worship and prayer. In Jesus name, amen.

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. Genesis 2:7 (NKJV) 

9 thoughts on “It All Belongs to You

  1. Thank you Lord for the insight you gave to our First Lady Kimberly Lock, to be able to know the word that is needed today.

  2. Thank you Lord for Loving and keeping me and never leaving me I know that I would be lost without you in my life.thank you so much First Lady Kimberly Lock for all your devotions they are very help and Inspirational .I❤️U

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