The Possibilities in Your Pain

What is the first thing you do or say when you receive some not so good news? Well, I can tell you what I do…

“What? Lord Jesus, Help!” Thoughts fill my mind on what happened. My heart begins to race. I begin searching for people I can reach out to that may have more details.

Here’s a thought: Do the details really matter? Like if someone got hit by a car, does it matter if they were jaywalking or if someone ran the red light? The point is they were hit. I think it’s just our nature to desire to know more. It’s a coping mechanism. In otherwords, I can handle my food being off my plate if I ate it all, versus someone passing by and inadvertently knocking it over. The question is, how will I handle this bad experience? If it’s the latter, how will I respond to pain of looking at my food on the floor. 

It seems the people who understand problems and pain, also know how to navigate through life, with grace and humility. I’m working on me everyday but I believe that I have learned the key.

There is possibility in your pain. 

Let’s sit this on the table though: The possibilities aren’t clear when the pain is present. When my husband and I loss what would have been our third child, you could not tell me that there was something positive on the other side of that pain.

I was in the Lord, married, and doing everything I knew to represent Jesus well. When I learned I was pregnant, I immediately thought that this could be our son. However, I never found out the sex of the child. On Wednesday, November 26, 2008, the day before Thanksgiving, I miscarried. I was 2 1/2 months.

Questions filled my mind. I was angry and frustrated. I wanted to know if I had angered my Father or if I did something to offend my Savior. I thought of women who live life without conscience – with no spouse, and seem to have NO issues with pregnancy. They just pop them out like popping ice cubes out of an ice tray.

Well…I’m just saying

I wanted to ask God why, but not come off rude. Honey listen. I realize God can destroy and entire country in one day AND make it completely disappear with no trace of existence except through word of mouth. Umm I’m not stupid to approach Him as if He owes me anything. 

2 more children later, I realized what the possibilities were and are.

  • Your problems produce pain. 
  • Your pain produces a war cry. 
  • Your war cry produces a war story. 

It’s possible that the child could have had a birth defect that would’ve been too much to bear with our large family. So my Father implemented a little pain management on my behalf.

It’s possible that I would’ve experiences health complications during delivery and my Father blocked it.

It’s possible for me to now minister my pain to help someone achieve their purpose. 
I have had to share with women my agony and frustrations with this particular pain on countless times. I came to the realization that as long as I humble myself as a servant of Jesus Christ, there is possibility in my pain, because Jesus is in the midst of my problem. He is right there.

Mark 10:27
And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. 

All of your pain and frustration serves a greater purpose. Everything is coming together to develop you and wean you from the spiritual bottle and prepare you for adulthood.

It’s possible to push through the pain and to really grow and learn from it because JESUS is there. He is comforting you, promoting you, and cheering you on to get through it.

There’s purpose on the other side of pain. Push through and deliver the purpose.

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