There was a woman in the Bible by the name of Naomi. Naomi’s husband Elimelech made the decision for the family to leave their home in Bethlehem because there was a famine in their country. So he moved his family to survive. They settled in Moab. The Moabites did not serve the true and living God. They worshiped idol Gods. Yet, Elimelch and his family held true to their foundation in the midst of worldly people (please catch that).

The world is not supposed to draw us. We are supposed to draw them. Your environment should not be able to dictate or change your conviction. When the folks at the job complain about management or other co-workers, we should not participate in those discussions. How can we draw when we are spectators and participants? When it appears as if those who are doing it all the way wrong and are prospering more than you who are doing it all the way right, their prosperity is limited, stop viewing prosperity through the eyes of a non-believer. Prosperity is not in things. Your blessings are infinite. The peace of God, which surpasses any of our earthly understanding comes FROM God and is a blessing only granted to believers. Ooh Jesus.

Let me move on. The two sons of Naomi and Elimelech find wives and they get married. One marries a woman named Ruth and the other Orpah. A few years past and Elimlech, Naomi’s husband, dies. Soon after, her two sons die. After about 10 years of living in Moab, Naomi loses her two sons and now she is left with her daughter in-laws. Naomi still talks to her family back in Bethlehem to see how things are going and she hears, that God has removed the famine. And she is like: “I’m going home.” I need to be with my people.

Naomi urges her daughter in-laws to go back to Moab. We know the story. They both say no…we not leaving and they all kiss and hug. Then Naomi says it again. When Naomi begins to talk about that man, the women not having a husband, and all the benefits of being married…someone begins to have second thoughts.

Naomi says: “I don’t have sons in my womb and even if the lord blesses me to marry again, will you wait until they are of age?” Orpah thinketh now. She like: WAYMENT. No husband? No chance to bare children? I’m getting old but I ain’t old YET. I’m not gone be able to do it. Orpah, whose name in Hebrew means: double-minded, does an about face and that was the last time we hear of her.

Here this: can I be real with you? Don’t you ever compromise your salvation. Don’t you dare let things take away your salvation. The spirit is very intelligent. Your father does not play games. He does not want his baby girls intermingling and sowing seeds of spiritual interracial relationships. Why? Because you begin to care about the things of the world and not of God and the children are lost and if not careful…you fear children to serve idol Gods.

  • No one is teaching them how to pray.
  • Nobody is teaching them there is hope in Jesus.
  • Nobody is teaching them about patience.
  • Nobody is teaching them about the vine.

Let that man find you. Get lost so he can find his favor. If you single, and desire to be married – set the environment. GO practice. Learn how to cook, learn how to clean, learn how to use coupons and make your money stretch. Learn how to be faithful in a few things. Learn how to budget your bills and pay them on time.

Ruth goes on to meet Boaz.

Orpah goes back to her people and her God. Not only did Orpah separate from her family that she lived with for about ten years, she separated herself from the true and living God.

Orpah disconnected from the source.

One woman went on to experience abundant life; the other, to the unknown.

What will you do when life sends you a chemical imbalance? Will you turn back to your old ways or will you get on your knees, call on Jesus, and BELIEVE he will move on your behalf?

As long as “things” were good, Orpah was good. As soon as trouble arose, she was gone. What will you let bring separation between you and your Savior?

What if Boaz was meant for Orpah? We will never know. Orpah removed her hand off the plow and returned to serving idol God’s and she lost her place in history – his story…the story of redemption that Ruth and Naomi experienced.

Who or what will you allow to separate you from the Love of Christ? We quote the scriptures but we are slowly disconnecting daily. No matter who returns, don’t go back.

3 thoughts on “Disconnected

  1. Amen thank you Lord for bringing me out of darkness into the marvelous light I won’t turn back and I will always keep God first in my life Thanks sis awesome devotion ❤️U

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