Pick Up the Phone

How can my situation change?

When will it change?

How will it change?

I’ve been in this or that for so long, why should I believe that it will ever change?

If it could change, why is it taking so long?

Have you ever had any of these types of questions run across your mind? If you’re not careful, you begin to question the very presence and ability of God. I cannot stress the importance of prayer. Prayer is your contact with God, through the Holy Spirit.

Praying is our communication piece. If we don’t do this continually, our spiritual life suffers. We often view prayer as a means of obtaining what we desire and what we need, but there is so much more to prayer than just your personal requests.

  • Prayer is the way we get to know God for ourselves.
  • Prayer is His invitation to get to know Him.
  • Prayer is our spiritual mobile device, allowing us to have direct contact with our Father to ask Him what HIS desires are, what HIS purpose is, and what HIS will is for situations that arise in our lives.

God allows us to approach Him. Are you serious? To have the ability to approach our Creator and speak with Him directly should not be taken lightly.

You have daily access to speak to GOD! Think about that!

Prayer is a privilege. God is far above us, completely holy above everyone and everything.

Prayer changes the results of bad news.

Prayer gives a solution to a problem.

Prayer lifts the heavy burdens.

Prayer keeps us more purpose driven.

Prayer keeps us more spiritually minded.

Prayer increases our faith in Jesus.

Prayer makes us honest with who we are and what we need to do.

Prayer makes us examine ourselves.

One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up.” Luke 18:1 NLT

Okay Jesus. Let’s pray:

Father in the name of Jesus. Lord I just want to thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to come before you and speak with you. I am humbled that you would allow us the ability to actually have a conversation with you. To be in your presence, to experience your glory- as much of you as you desire to reveal to us, oh my God we are not worthy. But here I sit as a weak and humble vessel. I thank you for who you are. I thank you that you love us and continuously show us what genuine love looks like. It’s amazing that we come to you with our personal petitions for some things but feel we can handle the matters of our own heart…until those things do not work out as we planned. It’s amazing that we want to prove to you that we are adults and can handle things ourselves, until we have to return and fall back on our knees to ask for your mercy. Lord you are the king of kings and the Lord or Lords. You are unlike our earthly parents. For they teach us until we become of a certain age to prove we are mature enough to handle situations, have a family of our own and impart morals and standards into them. You never let go of us, always showing us that we will forever be your children regardless of how old we become. I thank you for giving us an opportunity to be with you. If we be honest, it’s rough out here. The enemy sees us all as one target. Not only is he attacking men – which has always been but also women and children. Lord continue to keep your people. Let those that serve you KNOW that one of the benefits of serving you is protection. Let them understand the difference between temptation (something we give in to because we wanted it) and trials (suffering we go through spiritually for a designed purpose). We know that the power the enemy has was given for a season. We also know that you have power over him and your power is from everlasting to everlasting. We also know that we give him power. BUT OH GOD – JESUS!!! We have declared and decreed that when the enemy begins to roar, we are roaring back, standing firm and boldly on your word. I’m not trying tell you what you said because you know what you’ve promised. But you said you would rebuke the devourer for us. Rebuke means put him in check. JESUS can you check him please? Let Him know who you are and whose we are. Those who have not yet surrendered and have not made the decision to live for you, I ask that you allow them to connect with your true believers. Allow them to recognize that everyone is not hypocritical. You have children that listen to you and live so that your glory can be revealed through them.

For too long we have taken the ability to converse with you to lightly as if we earned access to come before the throne of grace. Forgive me Father. Your presence is better than life. Your love is more precious than the rarest of jewels. Your power is stronger than the mightiest of armies. I love you forever. Jesus, I thank you for loving me enough that you were willing to stand in the middle. I am not worthy to approach God personally, but you were willing to make that sacrifice. Thank you for taking this prayer to our Father. You are the best big brother ever. I long to see the day where I get to meet you personally. I don’t know if I will fall to my face or pass out. By no means am I rushing the formal greeting. I still have some raising of children to do; but you’re always in my heart and on my mind. It amazes me all the things you do for me…and I’ve never seen your face. I’m getting so teary-eyes I can’t see these words on the screen. So I’ll end this prayer for now as I humbly ask that you accept this prayer, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Pick up the spiritual phone and talk to your Father. He will always answer.

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