Growth and Development

Self care is one of the buzz phrases used so often today. I am a firm believer in taking care of myself. In fact, to grow in any area, you must be able to reflect on who you are, where you are, and the direction you are going.

Just as a psychologist can provide a physical location that harbors feelings of safety and comfort, there should be a place where you can physically and mentally disconnect from the pressures of life and focus on what is important.

Oftentimes self-care is becomes distorted. We live in a society where we must personify perfection:

  • We wear makeup to cover the flaws in our skin, which gives the appearance of flawlessness.
  • We wear girdles and waist trainers to give the appearance of the perfect physical shape.
  • We wear high heels to give the appearance of confidence, beauty, and class.
  • We take countless pictures with our camera phones to capture the perfect pose to post on social media, but for what reason and for who?

Most would reply to this question by saying it is because they want to, but consider this: May be you saw someone else doing these things and thought it was cute or cool. I know when I saw my mom put on her heels, as a child I would go in her closet and pick out the shoes that I said would be mine when I became an adult. I would then ask if she would keep them so I could wear them. When Momma wore heels with her dress, she looked confident. Her legs looked more toned and lean. She just looked good!

Perhaps You saw someone do something and their appearance influenced you, insomuch that you decided to try out these ideals yourself, thinking it would lead to a better you or a better representation of you. 

The changes described are temporal. When I take off my platform wedges, I am still five-feet-six-inches tall, take it or leave it. When I unwrap that girdle from around my waist, sucking in the pounds acquired from being pregnant five times, everything falls back to its original shape. Honey, when I take off the eyeliner, my eyes return to their natural puffy state.

We do all this for a better representation of ourselves, but what have we done to our spirit to give a better representation of Jesus?

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