My God. My Father. My Deliverer.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Does it appear to not be enough time in the day? Does it seem as if one thing occurs after the other? With so much anguish, disease, hurt, distresses, brutalities, and inequalities, life can feel overbearing. Let’s not mention our own personal issues, geez.

I have often had many thoughts and emotions regarding the state of our country, school systems, and the future as it pertains to my children.

With so much going on, one can begin to wonder if God really cares. My desire today is to remind you that your Father is aware of everything that is going on, He cares, and He will bring comfort to your heart.

The God who heals, teaches, and delivers…is your FATHER!

In the midst of whatever you are facing, continue to recall this scripture to your mind and place it within the ventricles of your heart:

The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all;” Psalms 34:19 NIV

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