Over Capacity

It is that time of the year! The holidays are upon us. This is when we have the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, take a break from our normal work routines, and binge watch some of the latest movie releases while eating our favorite holiday foods.

While, the pandemic has slowed down traveling this year, some still opt to visit others. Me personally, I follow this page on Instagram of exotic resorts located on remote islands with clear blue water, sunshine, a few puffy clouds that resemble pulled cotton-balls that appear to be strategically placed in the sky, and scenic views of places that only the Master Designer, our Father, could create…

…back to reality

Luggage is always required for travel. Once you arrive at your destination and unpack, it is often realized that you packed too much. If you are like me, you have this grand idea of everything matching from head to toe, being cute for the foreigners – the people in this place that do not know you and you do not know them, only to end up wearing your lounging clothes for most of the trip.

Airlines also have weight restrictions for luggage. Carryons must be able to fit in the overhead bins. All other luggages must not exceed 50 pounds. If they do, you are going to have to pay the cost of being over capacity.

Some of you are over capacity. You are carrying too much weight and you are paying the cost. What you are carrying is not required for your destination. It is not serving a purpose. Your body is inflicted with physical pain, you are taking prescribed medicines where the stress of what you are carrying has now internally impacted you, you are irritable because your clothing is now too tight, and you are asking God to help you take off the weight that you put on.

Sometimes we ask God to help us with something that is in our complete control to remove. There is a simple solution: remove the items out of the luggage that cause you to be over capacity.

Spiritually speaking, the Bible says:

  • If they are doing things contrary to your spiritual beliefs – let’s make this clearer: if the people you hang around are doing things that cause you to sin, separate! I COR. 6:17.
  • If someone is sick, pray for them and call for the prayers of others – James 5:16.
  • Your worrying is causing you to experience ailments in your body. You cannot do that. Help where you can, but do not carry that. Give it to Jesus. I Peter 5:7.
  • Guilt. Often, we feel guilty because we have done something that we know is wrong. God is greater than our conscience. He said to come reason (talk to Him) and He will purify you. Isaiah 1:18.
  • Injustices. This has been a heavy burden as of late but one that Jesus knew about as He was falsely accused and sentenced to death. If the cares of this world are wearing on you, take those off and put on the peace that Jesus gifted you. John 14:27.

At the end of his life, Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened!’

Stop carrying things that serve no purpose on your journey.

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