The Promise

Happy new year to you are your family.

I pray that you were able to reflect on the goodness of God despite the sorrows that surround our lives.

The new year often begins with self-proclaimed promises of better for ourselves. Towards the middle of the year, life will challenge us to forget what we desired to achieve, if we are unintentional about attaining our goals (also known as resolutions).

Today I would like for you to reflect on God’s promises. While He honors times and identified specific times to do things in our lives, God is not bound by time. God is eternal. In fact, we can provoke the release of a promise, off schedule, to appear in our lives before the time He appointed.

Are there some promises that God has made you? Have you had a specific dream or vision that you are waiting to materialize in your life? Rest assure that the Lord will not forget nor has He forgotten. Your promise can also be delayed or passed on to others because of your unbelief.

The Israelites wandered for 40 years to a promised land which should have taken less time. But because of their disobedience, complaints about food, water, and rebellion against their God chosen leader (Moses), the promise of better was delayed. In fact those who complained died in the wilderness, leaving a new generation to inherit the land that flower with milk and honey.

Are you causing a delayed promise to manifest? Are you still waiting for the Lord to bring “it” to pass? Please believe and know that He has not forgotten. He is not overbooked and imbalanced to forget what He told you. While waiting, make sure you prepare for what He promised.

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