Stretch Marks

For most women, the title of this devotion alone, sends an eye roll from one side of your neck to the other.

This is of truth for those who have experienced weight loss and especially truthful for those who have experienced pregnancy with less elasticity than others – like me.

I trust God in all of His ways, but sirrrr could we done away with stretch marks?

While stretch marks provoke a negative reaction, they are actually signs of growth.

Take the examples above: Stretching of the womb, signifies growth of the child or temperance to lose undesirable weight for that one who is on a weight loss journey.

Signs of growth are not often the most eye pleasing, yet they yield the best fruit. Spiritually speaking, studying to be quiet when everything in you desires to give that person a piece of your mind, yields the peaceable fruit of God. This is a stretch mark. It is a recognizable sign of growth to allow your Father to fight on your behalf (Exod. 14:14).

A new year does not imply a new you. You will have to put forth an effort to change. Separate from toxic people. Disconnect from environments that drain your energy and stunt your growth. Be intentional about your spiritual growth.

Growth is intentional and it requires stretching. It may not feel good, or even look good, but it produces the good.

The mark of the stretch leaves an indelible sign of your growth path journey.

Embrace it! Stretch towards the mark.

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14 KJV

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